The Story of the Sugar House

We are located at 370 Gardner Hill Road at the foot of McDaniel Hill. Our story really began with the renovation of our cute little barn that sat on our property for years. It is there that Will and his family began to make their sweet dream come to life.

The barn was originally located across the street from their property. It was actually relocated to where it sits now on top of an early 1950s Jeep!!

It was brought to its current location entirely by family members.

First, it was used for storage and in 2018 it was covered in bittersweet vines on the outside and all through the ceiling. With a lot of hard work and elbow grease in the fall of 2019, it was transformed into the Mac Hill Maple Sugar House.

In 2020 we started out with 76 taps and currently manage over 450 taps – so we have been growing and continue to do so.

We are passionate about the land, trees, and the process of ethically and sustainably making New Hampshire’s finest Maple Syrup and Maple Products.

Maple Sugaring is a way of life…